Yes, women need international binding conventions and global laws. Letter to UN Special Rapporteur Dubravka Šimonović


Published as submitted, in response to Ms. Šimonović’s „call for sumissions on the adequacy of the internatinal legal framework„, in her function as special rapporteur at the United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner (OHCHR) To the Distinguished … Weiterlesen

It’s an accident, stupid!


 Yes, indeed: being trafficked into engaging in prostitution under brutal circumstances being the victim of ‚dirigistive‘ pimping being sexually assaulted being kept prisoner in an apartment …. …. is no longer being the victim of a brutal crime. No. It’s … Weiterlesen

Myths, auxiliary myths, toxic myths – and the ugly truths


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Any discussion of prostitution soon finds itself confronted with various types of myths. Here is a typology – with examples. In the end, they all are toxic. Myth These are the primary myths around „sex work“ itself, still believed and … Weiterlesen