European Commission – complaint.


This is an important message from Dr. Ingeborg Kraus, from Trauma and Prostitution: Dear Friends, I would like to begin this year with a message of hope. In Germany, we (the coalition „Stop Sexkauf“) decided to close-down all brothels within … Weiterlesen

Legal and trafficking and data and sources …


A quick compilation in one place. 1 – Trafficking   Cho, Dreher, Neumayer, „Does Legalized Prostitution increase Human Trafficking?“ (Answer: Yes.) The data is mostly from Germany and The Netherlands, which have legalised/ decriminalised prostitution.   And:    Seo-Young … Weiterlesen

Data on women in prostitution in Germany: numbers, health, working conditions.


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The German state never tried to collect comprehensive data. This in itself speaks volumes. How can they ensure equality between women and men, and also „safety“ in prostitution, if they don’t even bother to collect any data? But the sex … Weiterlesen

Yes, women need international binding conventions and global laws. Letter to UN Special Rapporteur Dubravka Šimonović


Published as submitted, in response to Ms. Šimonović’s „call for sumissions on the adequacy of the internatinal legal framework„, in her function as special rapporteur at the United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner (OHCHR) To the Distinguished … Weiterlesen

Joint submission by Kofra, Abolition 2014 and Stop Sexkauf to UN Women


Kofra – Kommunikationszentrum für Frauen is a women’s advocacy centre. Stop Sexkauf and Abolition 2014 are secular and feminist, advocating for the abolishment of prostitution via viable support for women in prostitution and the penalization of the buyer, as he … Weiterlesen

UN Documents and ‚decent work‘ – more resources for responses to UN Women


In their call for submissions, UN Women mentions a number of documents: Question 1) The 2030 Agenda commits to universality, human rights and leaving nobody behind. How do you interpret these principles in relation to sex work/trade or prostitution? Question … Weiterlesen

UN Women response resources


UN Women has asked a number of organisations to submit statements and information regarding „sex work, the sex trade and prostitution“. (See UN Women’s call for „consultation“ here.) Submissions deadline is 16 October 2016, to . Mails are to be titled: … Weiterlesen

UN Women: Consultation seeking views on (…) prostitution /Meinungsbild zur Prostitution.

UN Women ruft folgende Einzelpersonen und Gruppen auf, sich zum Thema zu äußern:

„Verschiedene Personen und Gruppen, Agenturen und Organisationen, die ein Interesse and diesem Thema haben: Sexarbeiter_innen/Sexarbeitsgruppen, Ausgestiegene aus/Überlebende der Prostitution und Gruppen, die sie vertreten, feministische und Frauenrechtsorganisationen. Die Ansicht anderer UN Gruppierungen und von Mitgliedsstaaten werden auch gehört werden.

UN Women invites the following people and groups for its consultation: 

Our work on policy positioning will include hearing from various people and groups, agencies and organizations which have an interest in this issue including: sex workers/ sex worker groups, survivors of prostitution and groups representing them, feminist and women’s rights organizations.  The views of other UN entities and Member States will also be heard.


The pdf versions of the UN Women call for submissions („Consultation seeking views on the UN Women approach to sex work, the sex trade and prostitution“)  are here:




Pусский – Russian

العربية – Arabic

中国 Chinese


Abgabetermin/ Deadline: 16 October 2016


Emails are to be titled: „Written submissions“
Betreffzeile der Email: „Written submission“ („schriftliche Eingabe“)


It’s an accident, stupid!


 Yes, indeed: being trafficked into engaging in prostitution under brutal circumstances being the victim of ‚dirigistive‘ pimping being sexually assaulted being kept prisoner in an apartment …. …. is no longer being the victim of a brutal crime. No. It’s … Weiterlesen

Online Reading List for Prostitution in Germany (English)


Manuela Schon, „Legalization has turned Germany into the ‘Bordello of Europe’ and we should be ashamed“ . On what happens when anybody confronts the pro-lobby (scroll down for English): . On what legal prostitution has meant in terms … Weiterlesen