The new German law summarized – in 10 languages

The German government has written up and translated a summary of the new „Prostitute Protection Act“ in 10 languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, French, Bulgarian, Polish, Romanian, German, Thai and Spanish.

The translations apparently summarize what the women in the „counselling talk“ as a prerequisite to their registration are being told, i.e. the texts are supposed to work as text modules to help counsellors explain the law to those in prostitution:

„The following text modules can be used to create your own materials. Regional specifics and regulations should be added in the appropriate places. The texts are published in several languages at, where they can be downloaded.“

At the end of 2016, Germany returned to the European Medieval Model of handling prostitution, i.e. the regulatory approach.

The new law complements the Prostitution Act from 2002, which remains intact, and is called „Prostitute Protection Act“.

Its main aspects are mandatory counselling and mandatory registration of women in prostitution, stricter regulations regarding the conditions in the brothels, appartments, or caravans, and for brothel keepers, landlords of prostitution appartments and owners of „love mobiles“, i.e. (usually) clapped out caravans parked along the road side for the purpose of prostituting a woman in there. As an example: It is only now that someone with a prior conviction in trafficking or in organized crime can no longer legally operate a brothel. In addition, condoms have been made mandatory, and here it is the punter who pays a fine. Advertising for sex without condoms is no longer legal, neither are „gangbang“ or „flatrate“ offers.

You’ll find some discussion of the law on this blog elsewhere.

Needless to say, we are very critical of many of the aspects of this law and of the entire approach, and I haven’t yet had the time to go through the German version of this summary or the English one.

P.S. As many of our governments‘ links tend not to work after some time, here’s the various pdfs. For the links, see above.

Link with a list of these translations:

Bulgarian – Новият закон за защита на проституиращите: prostschg textbausteine bulgarisch pdf

English – The new Prostitute Protection Act: prostschg textbausteine englisch pdf

French -La nouvelle loi sur la protection des personnes prostituées: prostschg textbausteine französisch pdf

German – Das neue Prostituiertenschutzgesetz: prostschg textbausteine deutsch pdf

Polish – Nowa ustawa o ochronie osób uprawiających prostytucję: prostschg textbausteine polnisch pdf

Romanian – Noua lege de protecție a prostituatelor: prostschg textbausteine rumänisch pdf

Russian – Новый закон о защите прав лиц, занимающихся проституцией: prostschg textbausteine russisch pdf

Spanish – La nueva Ley de Protección de los Trabajadores Sexuales: prostschg textbausteine spanisch pdf

Thai – กฎหมายคุ้มครองผู้ค้าประเวณีฉบ ับใหม่: prostschg textbausteine thai pdf

Ukrainian – Новий закон про захист прав осіб, що займаються
проституцією: prostschg textbausteine ukrainisch pdf



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