European Commission – complaint.

This is an important message from Dr. Ingeborg Kraus, from Trauma and Prostitution:
Dear Friends, I would like to begin this year with a message of hope.
In Germany, we (the coalition „Stop Sexkauf“) decided to close-down all brothels within the next 2 years. In 2017 we will accuse Germany for violation of human rights with its prostitution law and submit a complaint at the European Commission. We have enough proofs for it! So for the first time in history, a country will be accused for normalizing prostitution and accepting violence against women without any guilty conscience. Together with the most qualified lawyers in the world, we are still in process to write the complaint. My special thanks go to Lorraine Questiaux in Paris, who managed to bring together a group of experts in European law.
At a time of paranoid politics, resorting to simple solutions and populism, where the answers to the changes of globalization are reactionary and where women are misused and reduced again to housewives and whores in order to calm men´s fear, this complaint will also be a challenge for the European Union. Will Europe stick to it´s own Charta where equality and dignity are it´s foundation or will it let some countries violate human rights? Will Europe understand that it is not only a financial construct, but also a social project where we share equal values? Since 2016, Germany is situated between 2 abolitionist countries, a schizophrenic situation in the middle of Europe! Will Europe choose innovation with the Swedish/French model or will it let some countries stay in the middle age? We believe that time has come for a change, and once Germany becomes abolitionist, it will have a domino effect.
Included you will find an article from „Le Monde Diplomatique“ where our plan is announced and where the failure of the „German Modell“ is clearly described. This newspaper is translated in 16 languages and sold in 38 countries. With this article, Germany with its prostitution law becomes an international matter.
Also save one date: the 25.11.2017 we will organize a big conference in Berlin, the capital of prostitution. A symbolic date, because prostitution is violence against women!
Besides prostitution, the abolition message is very clear: men have to learn a new way to deal with frustration and fear.
With this message I wish you a happy new year!

Extract from Le Monde Diplomatique.

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