Online Reading List for Prostitution in Germany (English)

Manuela Schon, „Legalization has turned Germany into the ‘Bordello of Europe’ and we should be ashamed“


On what happens when anybody confronts the pro-lobby (scroll down for English):


On what legal prostitution has meant in terms of “safety“ in Germany:

(And a few more articles in English)


Sarah Ditum „If you think decriminalisation will make prostitution safe, look at Germany.“


Julie Bindel „What the girls do for 30 Euros is up to them“


Der Spiegel on the failures of legalisation:


Nisha Lilia Diu „Welcome to Paradise“ – great article, unfortunately the author was then contacted by a „happy sexworker“ and fell for it…


Heather Mallick, „Lessons from Europe’s Streets“:


Channel 4 documentary:


Nisha Lilia Diu on this:


Melissa Farley, „Very inconvenient truths: sex buyers, sexual coercion, and prostitution-harm-denial“




Seo-Young Cho, „Liberal Coercion“:


Cho, Dreher, Neumayer, „Does Legalized Prostitution increase Human Trafficking?“


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