Abolition and Feminism. Rachel Moran’s speech in London

Rachel Moran is among those who managed to leave prostitution. Who got into it very easily, for our society makes it very easy for girls from marginalized or economically disenfranchised classes to find their way into prostitution (and should they find it difficult, there are those even in the Bundestag, our parliament, who want to make the route there easier for them via special “counselling”. They hide this beneath plushy phrases).

Rachel Moran finally managed to exit prostitution. She describes her way through prostitution on her blog and in her book My Journey Through Prostitution that is being translated into German these days. In this book she shows what “voluntarily” means in the context of prostitution and what it means to tell this to yourself every day.

She very clearly reports on this at a meeting of the European Women’s Lobby, and at many events.

Less than two weeks ago Rachel held a speech at a (radical) feminist conference in London in which she addresses the talk, pardon, “the discourse” within the so-called liberal feminism. Whether I would call it that is a different issue, I call it the pop-deco-career-feminism  of some very visible and very successful Stepford-feminists. Women who know enough to sprinkle feminist terms across their texts but haven’t coherently thought things out for three seconds.

There is a German translation of Rachel Moran’s wonderful speech on www.abolition2014.blogspot.de, these days the most informative site on the abolishment of prostitution in German.

The English original is here, and the video with Rachel here.

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