Legal makes it safe – NOT!

Overview of content:

1 Police reports/articles by police

2 Articles from mainstream papers

3 Study on trafficking increasing because of legalization 

4 Findings by the German ministry for Families, Seniors, Women, and Youth

5 Example from the Netherlands

6 Germany, from Forums

7 Murders or murder attempts of prostituted women in Germany since 2002

8 Abolition 2014 and Initiative Stop Sexkauf


There is an English (basic) overview of the Prostitution Act at:

The law is currently under review in the German Bundestag (Parliament) – the views of the two coalition partners (Christian Conservatives – CDU/CSU and Social Democrats – SPD) vary. None are in favour of the Nordic Model – they are discussing various forms of reglementation.

We hope they’ll take some time so we can educate and reach out to more citizens.


1 Police reports/articles by police:

Manfred Paulus, Ex-Police, highlighting the enormous abuses that the German approach enables:

„Out of control“ – focus on trafficking but shows what prostitution is, so its scope is beyond that.

Helmut Sporer (Augsburg, spoke at the Hearing of the European Women’s Lobby in Brussels):


2 Articles from mainstream papers:

Spiegel online – Article on how trafficking has increased here plus the bleakness of the situation (a series with a lot of information):

Daily Telegraph – Good article on the bleakness of the situation.

Shorter version by the same author:

„Aldi for Prostitutes“ (Aldi is a bit like wallmart – low price supermarket):


3 Studies on trafficking increasing because of legalization

Does Legalized Prostitution Increase Human Trafficking?

same study here:

Liberal coercion? Prostitution, Human Trafficking and Policy:

Website by the same scholar:

Richard Poulin on Sisyphe org:

“The legalization of prostitution and its impact on trafficking in women and children”


4 Findings by the German ministry for families, seniors, women, and youth:

While various government evaluations of the Prostitution Act did not even look into the health and well being of the women in prostitution, only at figures of how many paid into health insurance – which was what the ProstAct was in fact about – another evaluation from 2004 into women’s health did. Here their conclusions:

A German study by the Ministry for Families, Senior Citizens, Women and Youths in 2004 examined the situation, safety and health of women in Germany.1

The study also surveyed 110 women in prostitution and asked them about their experiences of violence from the date of their 16th birthday. 92% had experienced at least one form of sexual harassment, 82% named forms of emotional violence, 87% had been exposed to at least one form of physical harm. 59% had experienced at least one form of sexual violence. 36% named physical injuries as a result of the different forms of sexual violence. The most frequent form were bruising (75%), lower abdominal pains (52,5%), bodily pain (47,5%), injuries to the vagina (37,5%) and open wounds (27,5%). 2

This results in high rates of medical drug consumption: 67% of the women had used pain medication in the last 5 years, 38% had used sedatives, 37% sleeping pills, 34% anti-depressants, 19% stimulants and 10% other medications. 3 The authors of the study come to the following conclusion: “A comprehensive view of these results […] shows that the women in this survey are highly exposed to dangers and damages to their bodies and emotional well-being that are likely to be connected to their situation in their profession.” 4

Unfortunately the study did not differentiate between „before“ and „after“ the full and federal legalization of brothels, of certain types of pimping and of trafficking (i.e. everything not deemed „explotative“), but prostitution had been legal anyway and brothel keeping wasn’t prosecuted any more, hadn’t been for quite some time.

Source for citation reasons (German, no English translation):,property=pdf,bereich=bmfsfj,sprache=de,rwb=true.pdf

(footnotes refer to these pages:

(1) German Ministry for Families, Senior Citizens, Women and Youths, “Life situation, Safety and Health of Women in Germany”, Berlin 2004, www.bmjsfj.de,property=pdf,bereich=bmfsfj,sprache=de,rwb=true.pdf

(2) ibid,. p. 478
(3) ibid,. p. 529
(3) ibid.)

When the German Government evaluated the effect of the Prositution Act (from 2002) in 2007 and finally published its findings three years later, the women’s physical and emotional health wasn’t even an issue. The report deals with the legal situation of the women these days, and their access to health insurance, pension plans etc. The findings were written up in the report by two German women scholars who to our knowledge had been among the advisories for the Prostitution Act, i.e. who wish to defend it. It was never meant to be neutral.

However, even this study finds that:

“Although the legal framework for fully insured employment has been created, this option has hardly been used up to now. As a result the Prostitution Act has not been able to create and measurable real improvement in the social security situation of prostitutes.

As regards the working conditions in prostitution hardly any measurable positive effects could be identified in practice, at best there are some slight first approaches going in that direction. Especially in this area, positive changes in favor of the prostitutes are not to be expected on a short time basis, however.

Exit possibilities from prostitution have not been improved by the Prostitution Act.

There are no viable indicators of the Prostitution Act having had any crime-minimalizing effect.” [p.80]

The evaluation includes this table of women (others) in prostitution and of brothel operators – who likes the Act most?

Report by the Federal Government on the Impact of the Act Regulating the Legal Situation of Prostitutes (Prostitution Act)Information. The first links leads to the download site for the full report in German, the second is the official report in English.

The English version in the last link is abbreviated, and has been edited to give a much more favourable interpretation of the data. It was compiled by two women who have always endorsed the prostitution act, one of them (Barbara Kavemann) advised the government before its passing (so she evaluates her own work here), the other one (Heike Rabe) works for an institution (Deutsches Institut für Menschenrechte) whose founder (Percy MacLean), a lawyer, was instrumental in bringing the Prostitution Act about. They count as „neutral“ experts in Germany.,did=100352.html,property=pdf,bereich=bmfsfj,sprache=de,rwb=true.pdf


5 Example from the Netherlands:

(cf. European Women’s Lobby Flyer on prostitution🙂

The Netherlands[1]

On 1st October 2000, the Netherlands lifted the ban on brothels dating back to 1911. Since then, several studies from the Scientific Research and Documentation Centre of the Ministry of Justice (WODC) and from the national police force (KLPD) have studied the impact of the decriminalisation of pimping in the Netherlands.

1- The situation of persons in prostitution has worsened.

The study ‘Daalder’[2] carried out for the Ministry of Justice unveils that:

  • “There has been no significant improvement of the situation of persons in prostitution”.
  • „The prostitutes’ emotional well-being is now lower than in 2001 on all measured aspects”.
  • „The use of sedatives has increased”.
  • Requests for leaving the industry were in high demand, while only 6% of municipalities offer such assistance.

2- 50% to 90% of the women in licensed prostitution “work involuntarily”.

These data were unveiled in 2008 by the national police force (KLPD) in a study on the sector of legalised prostitution entitled “Keeping up appearances”.[3] In this study, the Dutch national police force gives a very worrying assessment of the law decriminalising procuring. Direct cause of the study is the Sneep-case, where two Turkish-German procurers, together with 30 accomplices, were condemned for exploitation of and violence against more than 100 women in the Netherlands, in Germany and in Belgium. What is striking is that all the women, who have been exploited with extreme violence in the Netherlands, were in the legal, licensed, taxpaying and State sanctioned brothels.

[1] General source: ‘On legalised prostitution in the Netherlands’, Karin Werkman, 2013 and 2016.

[2]  Daalder, A. L. (2007). Prostitution in The Netherlands since the lifting of the brothel ban [English version]. The Hague: WODC / Boom Juridische Uitgevers.

[3] KLPD (Korps Landelijke Politiediensten) – Dienst Nationale Recherche (juli 2008). Schone schijn, de signalering van mensenhandel in de vergunde prostitutiesector. Driebergen.

Cf. also: Schepers, Inge, Public Prosecutor, National Public Prosecutors’ Office Rotterdam, Operation Sneep: The frayed edges of licensed prostitution.” Vienna, October 4, 2011



6 Germany, from Forums:

The following links come with a trigger warning. Please take this seriously. There is one link I cannot bring myself to translate. It is sickening in a very literal sense. The others – shouldn’t be read when sober. I apologize for the translations. (In two senses, for any mistakes but also for doing it in the first place.)

  • “Teenie Tina Gang Bang Party”

This is a complete series we found publicly announced on bw7, Germany’s largest punter fore.  Please note: these fores are accessible to everyone. All a computer user has to do is enter key words like “whore” “slut” “hooker” … and google will do the rest. A nine-year-old can do it. He or she will end up on fores, and these things come with pictures. Abbreviations like “ao” work too, “ao” stands for “alles ohne” and like “Natursex” or “Naturhuren” or “Naturnutten” advertises sex without condoms.

The first link only shows their version, the second has the same information but with more detail and even worse language, the last one is an enthusiastic “report” of how great the party was.  I have screenshots of all of this, so if the links don’t work any more, I can forward those.

The “series” is about a 19-year-old pregnant young woman who takes part in this gangbang. The gang bang was also filmed and the film is up for sale.

The advertisement shows her plus her belly and lists what buyers get:  „19 years old“, „school student (pupil)“, „pregnant“, „swallowing slut“ (i.e. reference to oral sex without condom), „great tits“. All of these are ticked.

Translation of ad:
On Wednesday, Feb 19, 2014 we host a gang bang party with 19 year old Tina who’s in her 6th month of pregnancy. Tina loves to shag (which can clearly be seen now) and before she will withdraw into her mothering role after the birth, she wants to take a sperm bath once again. Tina has natural size E breasts, but right now her tits are growing to unimagined sizes.
Each participant has to provide a new HIV-test, which mustn’t be older than 2 weeks (original). Blood donor passes will be accepted as long as they are personalized, anonymous passes or tests will not be accepted.  HIV testing is available on-site.
The party is being filmed, sufficient face masks will be provided. The fee for participating is € 35,- food and drink included. You will find more information on our website.

The second link shows the same image of “Tina”, from the side, wearing panties only, has the same info, but worse language in additional phrases such as “in order to comply with legal requirements of protection during pregnancy (Gesetzlicher Mutterschutz) Tina will be placed on a gynecologist’s (medical) chair first and then be transferred to a fuck-bier.

The third link has (dreadful) photos of this party and of the events. 18 men turned up. Enthusiastic language. About how it only took a few seconds for Tina to have the first squirt in her mouth and the first pricks inside her. Of how there was a second round 40 minutes later. “The second round began as the first one ended, Tina was screwed hard and very enduringly.  Since the guys were now relieved of their first pressure, the individual fucks became longer and after another hour Tina’s pussy looked like a Pavian monkey’s arse, totally red and swollen – the lass just wasn’t used such a fuck session. At this point Jasmin [a woman who had been brought in as a backup] offered to go on the mat for the next round, which Tina however declined. Tina was just having fun and wanted to go for it until the limit.” Jasmin later is described like this: “jasmin was just hot as usual, she is a real sperm detection device.”

All (!) of this has fotos, Tinas bruised genitals included.

We contacted youth services. They said they could do nothing until the baby is born. However, my friends have told me that Tina has had two more of these parties. I haven’t had the courage to check this out, but will follow up on this.


  • From the same film production group:

This is again a report. They do this regularly. It includes force-feeding of the woman with food (spaghetti and meat sauce) and with – you probably get it. The aim is to make her throw up.

There are pictures (not of throwing up but everything else). Again: Any kid can access this. And the films make it onto youtube too. And sites called German free porn. etc.


From the same punter’s forum transferred to “Freiersblick”  a blog modelled like the “invisible-men project” in Britain. Translation for the first one which clearly celebrates a rape (not according to German legislation, “rape” only counts as such here if the woman puts up a fight, but according to normal people).

“I pulled her arse open a bit and slowly inserted my prick which she answered with a low yelp (what a sound). When I approached the end and fucked her increasingly hard, she wanted me to stop and rather fuck her in her pussy. Under normal circumstances I would have done so but I just didn’t feel like this now …. sorry Vanessa. After a few more thrusts I shot my load into the bag and pushed it into her once more full tilt in order to have it jerk off until it was quiet in circling movements.”
He got oral without a condom and anal (with condom) for € 50.-

These are like many – no “open“, i.e. no longer to be denied violence – but clear in their brutality, sense of entitlement, contempt.

“I didn’t think it was al that bad. I got in because of her tits and wanted a tit-fuck, but then I didn’t. Well, she blew me and then she let me screw nicely in missionary, no time pressure. I took as long as I took to come, no reaction etc. form her.
“Okay, she doesn’t talk, pulls a sour face to the end, but nothing else to complain about.  So much from my side.”
Oral, no condom, genital sex, € 30.-

“She’s in her 6th month, just hot. Everything AO (no condom), swallowing, no problem. I stayed for half an hour … was fine. I then asked her if she could be had pre-spermed, she said no problem. So I visited the city for two hours and drove back afterwards, and look you here – the entire load was still inside her, just hot..
Oral with swallowed sperm, Everything without condom, Coming inside her no condom.


  “reasonably sized tits, beautiful slightly sagging natural breasts. A bit prickly between the firm thighs, her arse is ok if not really firm. Her blow-job – simple and monotonous but so steadfast that it was hot in spite of that. She blow long and let herself be explored like a good girl during that. Got the full load in her mouth and remained in per position nicely.”

Oral with swallowing, everything without condom.


7 Murders or murder attempts of prostituted women in Germany since 2002

We can only draw on newspaper articles for this as there don’t appear to be any clear statistics. We have limited the research to women murdered by punters or pimps, i.e. not included women murdered by their (ex-)partners. (In German)

Sexindustry Kills

A website counts murders in the Netherlands, includes all murders however, since the 50s. (It’s not an abolitionist site, in Dutch):!_Wiki

8 Abolition 2014 and Initiative Stop Sexkauf

Members of Abolition 2014 come from all over Germany, from different parties, professions and individual backgrounds. We cooperate with international abolitionist organizations, scientists, counseling services and prostitution survivors’ initiatives, and we are committed to providing the public with in-depth information on the subject.

and the Initiative Stop Sexkauf.

We cooperate (and share initiatives) with: ) and  (

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