Amnesty – Proteste, Stellungnahmen …

Proteste/Eingaben/Reaktionen und Bitten zu Amnesty – offenbar stimmen sie im April über eine Bewertung der Prostitution ab. Sieht düster aus.

Meiner privaten Meinung nach sollten sie ja eher mit den vielen prostitutionsverherrlichenden Texten gespämt werden …. das wirkt oft erheblich besser als jedes Argument unserer Seite….


Twitter: #QuestionsForAmnesty initiert von The-invisible-men-project.

Briefvorschlag von Stop Porn Culture


Aus Dänemark und Australien, kurz und klar formuliert:

Aus Kanada – deutliche Sprache, viele interessane Links:


Allerdings drastisch!

High resolution flyers for an Amnesty International re-brand here:

Feel free to download and distribute. Thank you to Twitter’s @FrenchFem for suggesting the logo design. BITTE LINK UND HERKUNFT ANGEBEN – AUS FAIRNESS1

Statements, Artikel ….

Jack Doyle, Daily Mail


„There can be no middle ground for the prostituted – either it is known that there no safe place or safe aspect of prostitution whilst men have the entitlement to buy sexual good, or we may as well just be honest and say we don’t care what happens to the prostituted class for they are not human enough to have basic rights.“ -Rebecca Mott (

„By the time I was 17, my dad concluded he had failed to humiliate, beat and torture me out of being gay. So he kicked me out of the house. Within two hours of leaving home, I had been targeted by a pimp and was being raped by his customers.“ – Nicholas Al-Khadra (

A statement signed by 177 verified sex trafficking survivors from Sex Trafficking Survivors United (STSU) suggests that: ‚Without the buyers of commercial sex, sex trafficking would not exist. If we start penalising and stigmatising the buyers, we could end sex trafficking in our lifetime … prostitution is not a victimless crime; it is a brutal form of sexual violence.'“ – Lauren Hash (

„The majority of prostituted women in the UK are foreign. They are overwhelmingly from poorer countries and in many cases trafficked. Rather than continuing to pretend that buying sex is something that happens between consenting equals, we need to look at the coercive and often exploitative realities of the global sex trade.“ – Mary Honeyball (

(Petition gegen die Festsetzung von Asylantinnen in GB –  Informationen dazu bei Women for Refugee Women. Niemand hier hat etwas gegen Migrantinnen. Wir alle haben etwas gegen die Ausbeutung von Migrantinnen. Und in der Tat: ganz besonders gegen die sexuelle Ausbeutung von Migrantinnen. Und aller anderen Menschen. Darum geht es auf banishea.)

“The same forces that are causing native women and girls to go missing and be murdered are the same forces that are causing native women and girls to enter into prostitution in the first place and be stuck there. Those forces are men,” said Smiley. “The solution isn’t to hand over women and girls on a silver platter and say: ‘Have at them.’ The solution is to say: ‘Change your behaviour.’” – Cherry Smiley (

„The tricky part of prostitution is this: it’s institutionalized as a job but at the same time, when she’s paid, she’s going to do her best to pretend that she’s there because she loves it… She’s doing her best to make him forget that he’s paying her. So sure, make it a job like any other but then we get to just lie there. Let all the women lie there and do nothing and just look at their watches and see how much the men like it. Prostitution is a lie. It’s overly simplistic to say it’s just a job.“ – Kajsa Ekis Ekman (

„For once and for all, let us remove the issue of the victim’s consent in every case of sexual crimes. In calling for new human rights law to make prostitution a violation of human rights, we are displacing the misogynist paradigm with a human rights one.“ – Kathleen Barry Ph.D. (

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